🏩NFT Bank

When you open Love boxes you get NFTs, but afterwards you need to do something with them. If you want to sell them, then use NFT Bank!

Now, when you get certain NFTs, you do not need to stake them or wait for something. You can sell them immediately in the NFT Bank and get VDT tokens.

Higher rarity of the NFT = higher reward in the NFT bank.*

*Why approximate profit? Rewards in the NFT bank are not stable! Two factors is affecting it: 1. VDT price = higher price of VDT, higher price of NFTs 2. Transaction tax = higher volume of VDT, higher price of NFTs Price growing with volume too, because 3% of transaction tax is goes to the NFT Bank.

If you understand that, you can earn even more, if you hold your NFTs and sell them only when VDT price is growing and high.

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