🌹Love boxes (with NFTs)

Starting price for 1 Love box = 1 USD.

You can buy Love boxes only with VDT tokens.

Price of Love box can grow depending on current price of VDT token, same as reward for the NFTs, they will grow with the grow of VDT price and volume.

Distribution of funds from the Love box:

100% to the NFT Bank

  1. There is only one type of Love box at this moment;

  2. You get only 1 NFT from each box;

  3. There is no limit on buying Love boxes;

  4. There is no limit on total amount of NFTs for one user;

  5. If you want to pay less comissions on gas, please, open all desired amount at once.

NFT boxes — one of our main features, which gives you opportunity to try your luck!

This is your chance to try your luck with our unique Love boxes! Buy our boxes and get NFTs, which you can sell to the NFT bank!

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